A man decided to add an addition to his home and soon realized he was uncertain as to where to begin. After some thought the man shared his idea with his thirteen year old niece, he asked her to draw how she believed the addition should look. He submitted the drawing to the county to be approved for a permit to build… it was approved; Lynette Jackson had drafted her first renovation plans.

This Georgia native has a flair for refreshing originality. Her work is influenced by Modern and Mid-Century design & architecture. She credits Swiss Graphic Design, Richard Paul Lohse, Julius Shulman, and Reid Miles cover art for BlueNote Records as creative inspirations. She is at the forefront of the genre of iPhoneography (one of first names assigned due to photography via iPhone). Her images are among the most recognized and liked on numerous social media sites. The images are architecturally crisp, visually inviting, and timeless. 

“Lynette Jackson aka Flickr user Page67_Lynette Jackson uses her iPhone to document, design and publish images of the built environment around her through Instagram. Taking a series of images that zoom deeper and deeper into the nuances of architectural form and space, Jackson's use of pop-art imagery and graphic tools bring out details that otherwise go unnoticed and creates a narrative about each individual work of architecture that she documents" - Spillman Farmer Architects 'blog "Speaking of Architecture." On April 25, 2012 Lynette Jackson was featured on the highly respected architectural blog "A Daily Dose of Architecture." The article was the fourth most read of 2012.

Lynette Jackson currently resides in Los Angeles, California